200 M.G. Lion's Mane Capsules (90)

200 M.G. Lion's Mane Capsules (90)

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Newly Encapsulated!


200 M.G. of 100% Homegrown Organic Lion's Mane Encapsulated in Size 0 Vegetarian Capsules


 There is no other ingredient!


We use full fruit bodies instead of mycelium.


We provide this "Superfood" in Size 0 Capsules to ensure you don't feel like you're drinking a horse pill.


Renowned for its effects on brain health, Hericium Erinaceus, as it's formally called, supports the connections in our brains.


It increases concentration and strengthens memory.


Studies conducted have shown Lion's Mane to contain hericenones and erinacines; two compounds that stimulate brain cell growth. Who wouldn't want more of that?


Here is a link to a lovely article published by Healthline.Com on 9 Health Benefits of Lion's Mane Mushrooms

  • Daily Dosage

    We recommend 3 Capsules per day. We have kept the milligrams-per-capsule low so that you may take them as a daily vitamin without your body growing a tolerance to the fungus, making each capsule as effective as the last.

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