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More than ever, I am seeing the need for natural remedies to become common knowledge in American society. I can't personally speak about the rest of the world, but I do have first-hand experience with this: The United States, as a whole, has lost its connection with our roots. With the coronavirus hitting the states as far back as 3 months ago, and the panic that is ensuing now, I have been doing what I can to get our Chaga products in front of people's feed. I feel this is a much-needed article, so I am doing my part. Here I go:

"CDC: 80,000 people died of flu last winter in U.S., highest death toll in 40 years" By Associated Press, September 26, 2018

The coronavirus "has caused 6,610 deaths, most of which have been in China and Italy, according to the World Health Organization (WHO)."

Please, reread the stats above. Then, read them again. In the US ALONE, 80K people died from the flu in 2018. In one flu season. Why didn't the flu cause the mass panic that the coronavirus has caused?

It's all media manipulation, my friends. Most fear what "they" want them to fear. Please, don't be one of them. Take measures to keep yourself healthy, and you will be okay. A measure, for example, as simple as taking your daily dose of Chaga, which has been known to be adaptogenic for thousands of years (although that's obviously not the exact term that has been used for said time), teaching your body how to deal with stress and boosting your immune system. This topic has been written about many, many times, and I know that my time is coming to write an in-depth article about the health benefits of Chaga, but until then, I will simply supply you with the link to a well-written article that I find to be one of my favorites.

From the first time I met someone who specifically used Chaga, formally called Inonotus Obliquus, to help with his arthritis, I knew there was something special about it. Years later, after starting a mushroom farm, I knew that I would have to make Chaga one of the first mushrooms we supplied. However, as much as I wish it weren't true, Chaga is not a mushroom that can be easily cultivated. In fact, it is not a mushroom at all; it is a sclerotium. Quoting Wikipedia, "A sclerotium, plural sclerotia, is a compact mass of hardened fungal mycelium containing food reserves" And it is, indeed, a hard piece of fungus. It grows in abundance on birch trees in cold regions and is wild-harvested. This isn't a fungus that I can just get the genetics for and grow in my greenhouse in the middle of the desert; many of the powerful benefits it has don't just come from the Chaga itself, but from the birch trees that it grows on, making it a poor candidate for commercial cultivation.

It took some time, but after joining some mycological societies I was finally able to steadily get my hands on Chaga, especially after reaching out to friends that we made in Northern Regions during our previous adventures. Putting the word out about starting up a mushroom farm, our peers were more than happy to help us acquire stable relationships and means of getting it.

However, even with our connections in the mycology world, we are still having cut back on the different forms in which we provide Chaga to our customers. As I'm sure you figured, this is due to the panic caused by the coronavirus. We simply cannot provide whole Chaga anymore, as it disables us from being able to provide other forms of it.

Chaga Chunks

It is a shame to see the speed at which our country fell into despair. It seems unreal to my partner and me, sitting in our cabin in the desert, reading about the widespread fear on almost every single timeline and newsfeed that we access. We look out of our windows and see the peace of the mountains, the hills, the sky, the Yucca Trees, the desolate area; it almost feels as if we exist on another planet entirely. It feels like living in a parallel dimension, one in which we can see what's going on out there, but we can't touch it, or be a part of it. Here we are, drinking our Chaga Tea 3 times a day, taking our Chaga capsules twice a day. Not because we are afraid of catching something, but because we have had these habits since well before the COVID-19 hit the world.

Maybe it's just my optimism, or my isolation from the world, or my few but strong healthy habits, but we genuinely don't fear this thing. I really wish that I could share this feeling with every person out there who is buying every canned good, every roll of toilet paper, every bottle of alcohol possible. It's going to be okay; this thing is not any worse than the regular flu that goes around multiple times a year, it really isn't. I've done my share of research into it, and I've read about children that have tested positive for the virus and got over it completely on their own; no medications needed. I've read about 100 year-olds who fell sick for a couple of weeks, then got over it.

No, the virus itself isn't as terrifying as we are all being led to believe. I don't mean to downplay anyone who has lost their lives or loved ones to this thing; I aim simply to put it into perspective. It is our mentality, as a society, that is deadly and terrifying. We should, as individuals, not let the panic of the masses affect our better judgment.

If I had it within my power this instant to send each and every one of you all the Chaga, horseradish root powder, ginseng, nasturtium herb powder, every vitamin and mineral that our bodies need to strengthen our immune systems and fight off infections, I would do it in an instant. For now, however, the best I can do is continue to offer the CHAGAPOWER promo code that can be used at MUSHROOMVALLEYFARMS.COM on our Chaga Capsules. It is good for a 10% Off discount, which may not sound like much, but to be fair the capsules are only $20.50, to begin with. I personally feel that it's a good deal for something that can help you avoid the chaos and will actually benefit you and your body by giving you confidence in your own ability to fight off the flu.

We send you all the peace, the love and the wisdom of the Universe! Stay safe and healthy, my friends!

Mushroom Valley Farms

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