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Updated: Dec 11, 2019

100% Organic Dried and Ground Lion's Mane
Lion's Mane Capsules

September is here. I welcome its promise of Autumn, cooler nights and a couple of birthdays that I’m excited to celebrate. It also brings the possibility of a move that could be the jump-start that we’ve been looking for. A commercial warehouse facility may be in the future for Mushroom Valley Farms. It’s not the sprawling acres we’re looking for long-term, but the more homework I do, the more I am inclined to believe that it wouldn't be a bad idea to lease our first site. This might be the perfect step in our process of developing a self-sufficient mushroom farm. We have big visions for M.V.F. and if we’re going to turn them into reality, we must expand beyond our little guest bedroom. We live in the High Desert of San Bernardino County, and since our little cabin in the hills doesn’t have a garage or shed, nor can we put those things into our rental, we can’t expand beyond the 3 types of gourmet mushrooms we have growing, simply because there isn’t enough space to. This means more changes are coming.

November will mark our 1-year anniversary of leaving Bellflower and joining the L.A. County refugees that seek a sustainable lifestyle in Southern California. It seems like every day, the traffic going up and down the Interstate 15, which connects the LA area to the bare and scorching desert 45 minutes up a mountain, becomes more and more inflated. It’s unbelievable what the cost of living in this place will drive a person to do. But come November, with our Lease expiring, it may be time to upgrade our living quarters, as well. Who knows where we'll end up next; maybe California isn't the answer? I don't know...

When I saw this little 2 bedroom 1 bath cabin, with it’s 750 sq. ft. and it’s soaring hills which create a nest for this 1950’s square block of a home, I fell in love. Pancho gave into my emotions also, and we have been living a secluded, quiet lifestyle since. It’s been secluded, yes, but we’ve stayed busy. During this past year, we have created a new company with new goals and new ways to achieve them. We have also met, and lost touch with, many different people; surrounding yourself with business-oriented minds will cause that. That's not to say that we haven't made any real friends; some are individuals who we have shared radical experiences with and now couldn’t imagine our lives without. I was also admitted to the hospital for a few days for severe anemia and, holy cow, do I feel like a new person since those 3 blood transfusions! I still have doctor’s and Pancho’s orders to not do much of anything, which the latter has a hell of a time trying to enforce; I’m always up to something.

After some trial and error, we have finally begun the production of Lion’s Mane Capsules. If you’re dorky like us at all, then you’ve heard all the rave behind these mushroom’s health benefits. Some, like legendary Paul Stamets - the Godfather of Mycology, as some call him- swear by the healing powers of uncommon mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane, also known as Monkey Head or Pom Pom mushrooms. Studies have shown significant improvements in memory and concentration that are a clear effect of ingesting Lion's Mane Mushrooms. For this reason, and the fact that I'm completely in love with these white balls of tiny tentacles, we have just begun the encapsulating of Lion's Mane into 250 m.g. capsules and will have them up for sale on our website, MushroomValleyFarms.Com, very soon.

Paul Stamets also speaks very highly of Turkey Tail- formally called Trametes Versicolor- which he claims aided in the beating of cancer. I can’t stress this enough; if you haven’t watched Paul Stamet’s presentation on Turkey Tail’s effects on his mother’s cancer, please do so. It’s one of those life changing moments when you realize that the cures to all ailments really are found in nature; Mother Gaia gave us the antidotes a long time ago… we just forgot. Bunch of stoners.

Meanwhile, our little team of two has managed to get a good footing for the launching of our farm in the past 10 months. In fact, we were able to save up enough to buy our first 4x4 truck. Finally. We can go see as many properties as we want without the fear of not coming back out of those soft dirt roads. That was always a nerve-racking adventure. But now, we’ve got wheels meant for the trekking of undeveloped land and uncertain futures. This was our first planned step to the freshly-restarted land hunt, and we just achieved it. I couldn’t be prouder.

With the new, gas-guzzling wheels and the random people’s blood in my veins, I finally feel ready to start our meetings back up. It wasn’t too long of a break that we took, but it was, according to doctors and loved ones, very much necessary. It’s been a good couple of months of sitting back and letting our company develop itself in whatever way it wanted to. I have to say, it’s turning into something good; really good. The feedback we've received on some of our products has been humbling. Never could I have imagined myself making the kind of difference in people’s lives that I am making today. I mean, I pictured changing people’s lives for the better by creating a self-sustaining system that could financially free people. I never imagined that, instead, I’d be tending to little creatures that help strengthen people's minds and Souls. It’s so much more than I can put into words. I am freeing people, just in a different way than I thought I would be. And it’s beautiful. Humbling and beautiful and powerful.

Tomorrow, when everyone else is enjoying their Labor Day vacation, I will be encapsulating a massive amount of dried Lion’s Mane, adding an Online Store to our website, publishing informational pamphlets on the effects of adding mushrooms to our diets, scouting a good location for a warehouse, and cleaning up the mess in my living room that I leave after every order that I package. I wouldn't want it any other way.

The hills that cuddle us
The Last Sunset of August 2019

I want to thank all those who would constantly check up on me and Pancho during this sickly phase. Sending lots of love to the family that visited me everyday I was down; it means a lot to me <3

I’ll be announcing meet-up dates on our Mailing List soon. I really hope you have the time to join us and discuss what feels like an underground secret about health and well-being. The more I have conversations with people about what we do, the more I hear the same questions. I want to make it my focus to answer those questions and concerns and share the real-life stories of people who have already begun their plant-medicine journeys. I’m no doctor, for sure, but I am a bit of a scribe; I write out my experiences and the experiences of others and I share them. The best reward for doing so is perpetuating the feeling that you are not alone. I am not alone. We’re all going through the same things, just at different times and behind different eyes.

Love you all much. Keep sending me those loving, healthful vibes, y’all!! I LOVE IT :P

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