Chaga Closes the Chapter on 2019

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

December's beauty is upon us.

If you live in most places throughout Southern California, then you know that feeling of excitement that you get when you're driving through some valley or another, surrounded by the most majestic mountains with their snow-covered tops towering above you and embracing you from all sides...

Credit: Geraldine Ramirez
Desert Winter 2019

Yes, I do love the winter, but mostly because I am spoiled by the lack of debilitating amounts of snow that most of the country gets. Otherwise, I doubt that Winter would be my second favorite season behind Fall. Come December 19th, however, the Winter Solstice will be here and I'll be looking forward to next year's perfect Autumn weather again.

December signifies more than just sledding and firewood, though. It means that the end of this year is approaching. To tell the truth, I couldn't be happier about it. I hate to show the downer side of me, but we've been going through some things lately as a couple and as a business. Things can get a bit rocky when you live and work with your partner. Not only do you spend all day together, but as business owners, there is no one sitting behind any desk ready to sign us a check every two weeks. We live off of what we make from our Online and in-person mushroom sales. That kind of pressure takes some getting used to after a decade of working retail or logistics.

On top of the bickering that the Fiance and I have to keep in check, I found that, lately, right when I thought I had found the perfect property for our purposes, the plans and deals just kept falling through at the last second. It's hard admitting defeat when I thought the greatest and highest good had finally shown itself to us, but thanks to the love, support, and reassurance of a few loved ones and lots of happy clients, we manage to "just keep swimming," as a happy, forgetful fish once said.

On the plus side of all that property hunting, we have seen some beautiful places in our state that we didn't know existed...

Now that my Siggghhhs having been let out, I'd also like to announce some awesome developments that have been the silver lining to our recent setbacks. Thanks to our recent success with Lion's Mane Capsules, we've been able to expand our genetic library, as well as our Online Store.

Credit: Geraldine Ramirez
Chaga Capsules by MVF

We are now providing Encapsulated, Powdered and Whole Dried Chaga Mushrooms! We're very excited to be offering these to the health community. The extensive health benefits that Chaga provides makes it an invaluable addition to our daily routines. I once met a man in Northern California who housed me for a time when the winter came and living on the mountain was no longer an option. He used to drink this funky-looking tea with chunks of half charred-looking, half earth-red chunks floating around in there. He told me it was Chaga, and that he had a friend somewhere in Washington that foraged the funny-looking mushrooms and sent them to the elder veteran. Our friend would swear by this mushroom that looks nothing like a mushroom, stating that it helped control his blood sugar, inflammation and arthritis.

Back then, mushrooms were still just a vegetable that I picked up at my local grocery store to throw on my veggie burger or in a wrap. As my understanding of one of the purest lifeforms on earth has evolved, so has my understanding of my place in the world. I mean that so, so deeply that I know these words cannot get that point across well enough.

I am tiny, and you are tiny.
But we are all connected.
Therefore, as tiny as we are, we are as strong as our entire family is large.
Think about that. Being so tiny, you are plugged into a network so vast. What aren't we capable of?
Mushrooms taught me that.

Well, here's to an adventurous rest of the year! Sending love and warm wishes to everyone. And please, if you have extra clothes and blankets laying around, I'm pretty certain that wherever you are and wherever you live, you probably walk or drive past someone who could really use those articles right about now. Face your fears. Be generous.

Enjoy the rest of your 2019! Mush Love

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