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In late 2019, Mushroom Valley joined the Etsy.Com community, and we've already gotten some sales! Yay :)

However, as excited as we are about reaching this milestone, I knew that the ultimate goal would be to sell on Amazon. I don't feel that we are being overly ambitious when I say that Pancho and I would love to reach a global market; most of the rest of the world has been very well aware of the power of the mushroom for centuries.

It was easy enough to begin to sell on Etsy, seeing as to how the platform is built for hand-made products. Expecting the same simple process, I browsed on over to Amazon.Com and began my quest to join the thousands of Amazon sellers that slowly and steadily grow their online presence. I wouldn't say that the process of listing handmade products was incredibly difficult, but it sure wasn't easy. Let me just say that if you can get UPC codes and manufacturing numbers for your products, it will definitely make it easier to join the Amazon network.

But, the job is done and it was well worth the little struggle.

We now have a few of our products floating around on the Amazon marketplace! I know seasoned online sellers would be snickering at my newbie excitement, but I personally know many more people who are really good at doing something that brings them joy, but they don't consider using that passion to manifest income. When those acquaintances heard about our entrance to Etsy, many of them were thrilled by it. Seeing the stars in their eyes reiterates the bigger picture for me: we are doing something different. We are doing something that most fear to do and that really seems to make an impression on friends and acquaintances. It makes me that much more proud to be taking the less-popular path.

I'd also love to share the wonderful news that our reishi is coming along well and strong, so you should be seeing yet another member of the fungi family join our cause soon: we're working together to spread the health!

Reishi, Lion's Mane, and Pioppino

Below are links to our current listings. Please give us a visit. Because we're so fresh, we're going to do what we can to get y'all to give our products a try and see if they don't help you feel like a better, brighter version of yourself. We are running a promotion across all 3 platforms right now. THANKYOU2020 will give you 15% OFF all orders. This discount is already applied on Amazon.Com, so no need for a coupon there. We sure do hope you'll give us a try!

Here is the link to our Lion's Mane Capsules on Amazon

Here is the link to our Chaga Capsules on Amazon

Here is the link to our Agar Dishes on Amazon

Thank each of you again for the continued support! Hope to see your names on our store reviews soon!

Geraldine :)

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