A busy and humbling month July was...

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post, and a lot has happened since. For one, we've been getting a lot of attention to our project and our site, and I feel very confident about where our business is heading. Secondly, we've had to start property hunting again. And thirdly on my list of milestones, I nearly died of anemia! I know I have been making light of the situation, but in all honesty, it scared the crap out of me. Not to mention all the violence and terror happening out there in the world...

Since about a month ago, the woman who had presented herself as our devoted investor turned out not-so-devoted after all. One difference in opinion is all it took for her to turn on her heels. That hurt, but what can I say? I will stand up for what I believe is right for our company.

Oh, well. No harm, no foul. But parting ways with our initial possible investor meant we were back at square one. Well, not necessarily; we still had our little parcel of land in Joshua Tree to keep us going. Or... so we thought.

It turns out that our future neighbor and the County of San Bernardino would much rather see a convenience store on our parcel that an indoor mushroom farm. Not that a little bit of resistance would be enough to deter us, but really, I knew deep inside that this wasn't the parcel we really wanted. We were exhilarated by the idea of a little farm next to a tire shop on the busy highway, so we went for it. However, realistically, in order for the county and our future neighbor to allow us to cultivate here, we would HAVE to erect a store front of some kind. That meant a lot more money and the scale of the investment we are scouting for began to climb. Not to mention that neither one of us was rather thrilled with the idea of beginning our business venture HAVING to run a store. It was already beginning to feel like an uphill battle.

Pancho and I pondered for weeks on whether or not to give up the land we had worked so hard to acquire. After the visit I paid the hospital for, I was reawakened to my real wants. I had always known that I wanted my home and my farm to sit on the same land, and that wasn't going to happen on this little .31 of an acre. Pancho came to accept that he really doesn't fancy the idea of having to do the tedious work of managing a grocery store or Cafe. We just want to farm, and garden, and grow medicine. So with that, we let it go. Owners of a little piece of commercial property for 1 month, and then no more...

But we didn't feel sad about it. In fact, this just meant that we were back on the hunt with a newfound confidence in what we are seeking. The GREAT things don't come too easily, right?

Juniper Hills, Littlerock, CA

Just this past Thursday, after some much-needed rest and relaxation, Pancho and I met set off on another property hunting adventure to the Juniper Hills area of the L.A. County. A beautiful mix of desert and mountain, we are thinking of making this area our home. We met with a realtor that is selling his own 10-acre parcel of beautiful treed land with a view! We loved it, but of course, there was SOMETHING! That thing that is hard to overlook, but you wish to turn a blind eye to it because you want those 10 acres so bad! In this case, THAT THING was actually a man.

This was a man who had been squatting on this property for almost 2 years. Although this man was putting up a fight when it came to his leaving of the land, we could tell that this guy was just in a bad situation. He was living the life I was living on Donny's property in Trinity Pines 3 years ago. It hurt my heart. My first instinct was to tell him the plan for the property and invite him to farm with us if he liked. But I saw immediately that he wasn't sharing that wavelength with us. This man needs to be around family and remember who he is. The owner of the land relayed to us later that day that he had offered to gift the man an acre of his own property to move his trailer onto and begin from the ground up. We were thrilled to hear this.

Although we really hope that situation gets worked out for the best interest of everyone involved, it kind of felt like we were being met with resistance already, so I prepared myself to detach from the property if it happens not to work out. Is that pessimism or levelheadedness?

It's been a couple of days now since we viewed the lovely 10 acres, and since then, I've gotten back into gear. I've been blowing up realtors and sending e-mails. I'm getting answers about zoning and water rights before I set my heart on a parcel. I had tried the other approach for a long time: just go see the property, feel it out, feel if it is THE ONE or not. But that just doesn't work for me. I find that every bit of land has some beauty, some amazing selling point. They could ALL be THE ONE! Call it falling in love too easily, but it hasn't been a bad problem to have.

After being admitted to the hospital for a few days due to extreme anemia, I came out with a renewed appreciation of the people around me who love me and care for me. I also have a newfound appreciation for the people that still donate blood. 3 blood transfusions later, I am right back at it; writing, planning, calculating, publishing, marketing and mingling. Pancho has been extra careful with me since he almost lost his girlfriend, not letting me so much as do the dishes. I feel that he's doing too much, but it still; it fills my heart with love and admiration for him to see his physical manifestation of his love for me; I return that love right back. It feels like I'm living the most blessed life.

Anyways, this is long enough. Love you all. Thank you for all the well-wishes and loving thoughts that continue to help my recovery. Life really is precious and delicate, and in case I haven't been a good enough friend to tell you in person how much I love you, then forgive me and know that I love you. Namaste, and shit.

Geraldine <3

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